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How to Remove Broken Links on WordPress Site


Fix links that lead to non-existent and broken pages. If these links are on your site, you can edit them by simply removing the link or editing it to a valid URL. If you find any broken pages while checking links, we recommend redirecting them to the appropriate URL.

Broken links on the site

Links to non-existent pages are usually not your fault. Someone on the site may have clicked and entered the wrong URL, or the page you linked to no longer actually exists or even redirects to an existing page. In this case, neither the user nor the search engine gets where they want to go, which can be very frustrating.

Impact on SEO

In addition, broken outbound links on your site can affect the value of your link (or link juice). Specifically, search engine crawlers collect data about pages to determine their authority and rank them accordingly. So it’s safe to say that broken outbound links can easily lead to lower ranking of your site. That being said, if any of your links (or links) don’t work, all of the above efforts may be in vain. Broken links can seriously damage your SEO and user-friendliness of your entire WordPress site, which is why it’s essential to see if there are any broken links and then fix them properly.

You can find broken links on your WordPress site with the »Broken Link Checker« plugin. You can find this plugin in every WordPress administration under the category »Plugins« and »Plugin installation« under the mentioned name.

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