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How to Easily Replace Media in WordPress without Deleting


Media Replace is a premium wordpress plugin developed by Disq. It helps you replace media content in your posts and pages. This is an essential tool for all bloggers as it greatly improves the overall quality of your website. This also makes maintenance much easier as you can update outdated media without losing traffic.

What files can be replaced

Media exchange is useful for exchanging media in any type of content. The following are examples of media you can replace: images, videos, audio files, and documents. You can also use it to replace search results with functional links or dead links. These features make it an essential tool for all bloggers.

Replace media without malicious erasing

You can use The Media Replace plugin to replace images, videos, audio and documents. Before replacing media, please take a tour of the Media Replace module to access the options for replacing images and video files or documents. You could also adjust the volume folders or clicks to an article or page to the angle of replacing your audio or document.

Never delete important content again

The Media Replace wordpress plugin is an invaluable tool for efficiently and effectively replacing media on your website. It can help you update outdated media without affecting the performance of your site. Try using it today!

Plugin to replace media without malicious deletion can be found in every WordPress administration under the category »Plugins« and »Plugin installation« under the name »Enable Media Replace«.

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