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How to send emails directly from WordPress administration


Email, the most commonly used application on a computer, is essential for communication and record-keeping. However, it is difficult for many users to set up their own email account. With the increase in the use of web technologies, so has the growth of web-based email services. One of these services is WordPress with built-in ability to send emails via SMTP. This article describes how to install and use WP SMTP as an email sender for your website.

What the plugin can do

You can use WP SMTP to send emails from multiple accounts on multiple domains. For example, if you are a developer who uses several different web applications every day, setting up WP SMTP can be very useful. You can use one account to send email from your personal or work account, and another account to send email from your development client accounts. If you have multiple web hosting accounts, you can even use one account for all your hosting needs and set up different accounts for different clients or projects.

Collection account of email addresses

SMTXMP WP settings are not limited to sending emails only; It can also be used as a collection account with multiple email addresses. For example, if you run an online store that sells digital goods such as software or digital media, setting up WP SMTP can be useful for accepting orders from clients around the world. When an order arrives from a country outside your country of residence, you can set WP SMTP as the address for customers from other countries so that they can contact you with questions or place orders. You can also use this address when writing news articles about current events in other countries so that readers from other countries can contact you with questions about these events.

Multiple accounts in one

You don’t have to limit yourself to one or two WP SMTP accounts when setting up; Instead, you can use it with multiple email addresses on one account. For example: if your business has five employees working remotely from different locations across the country, adding five separate email accounts using WP SMTP can save time and effort when answering customer queries. You can also use this feature when writing news articles, as each contributor can contribute using their own separate account. Contributors who are interested in writing about technical topics can create an account specifically for this purpose, while others who are interested in writing about topics of popular culture can create an account specifically for this purpose as well. This system would ensure that no matter how many accounts a contributor has, each submitted article will have one corresponding account address available for replying.

How to set up WP SMTP plugin

Setting up WP SMTP is quite simple as it only requires a plugin and server configuration of your hosting provider. First, you need to install the plugin on your WordPress site. After that, you need to go to the WordPress menu and select Plugins > Add new. In the list of plugins on the left side of the screen, scroll down until you see WP SMTP and select the Activate link. This will open the WP SMTP settings page where you can configure various options. Some of these options are available for all e-mail accounts, while others are only available for specific accounts.

You can find the plugin in every WordPress administration under the name »Easy WP SMTP – WordPress Email SMTP Plugin« in the »Plugins« and »Plugin Installation« categories.

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