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How to send unlimited bulk emails from WordPress


For all website owners and all future ones who use the WordPress content management system, I have a simple plugin. You can use it to send bulk emails of your registered users or those who have subscribed to the newsletter without restrictions. Do we have a lot of registered email addresses in our content management system and you do not know how to use them? So this article is just for you.

Unlimited email distribution

Few plugins allow you to collect thousands of email addresses and at the same time be free. This plugin fulfills that. You can accumulate thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of email addresses. There is absolutely no limit on the number of subscribers. It is suitable for large projects, but also for small ones. You can also get an email, for example, from comments on the web. Such emails need to be generated in CSV format and uploaded to this plugin. Sites that are very commented can get a really large number of subscribers and get traffic from it again.

Subscribe to our newsletter

Do you know what a newsletter is? I’d rather write it just in case. The newsletter is a form where the visitor fills in his data. The most important information is email. He will send you a completed form with an email and you can then send him information emails with events on the web. The visitor is expected to visit the site again after reading the email. We can then monetize traffic with advertising. You, as a sender of e-mail messages, can send one email in bulk to as many people as you have in your list. This is a very effective and prosperous feature that every website owner should use.

Just install and set up the plugin to your liking. You can find it in every WordPress administration under the category »Plugins« and »Plugin installation« under the name »Icegram Express«.

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