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How to set up breadcrumbs in WordPress


In the online world, it is important to ⁤have​​ a well-crafted navigation on websites⁢ that will allow users to navigate easily. One plugin that can make this job easier for you is BREADCRUMB NAVXT. But what exactly is it?

What ‍plugin ‍BREADCRUMB ​NAVXT can do

BREADCRUMB NAVXT is a plugin for managing local navigation tabs on WordPress websites. This plugin ‌allows users to easily track their ⁢position on a given page⁢ and quickly ⁤return to⁤ a higher level​​ of the site structure. Adds⁢ to ‌pages and posts ‌automatically generated breadcrumb navigation strings.


The main advantage of using the BREADCRUMB NAVXT plugin is to improve the user experience on your website. Users can more easily and ⁢quickly find the desired information and do not have to click through all the categories and pages. The plugin also helps to increase the SEO quality⁢ of the pages, because valid​​ navigation strings are well indexed by search engines.

What are the advantages of using the plugin

  • Easily display breadcrumb navigation on ⁤your website.
  • Increases user comfort and navigation quality.
  • It optimizes the SEO of websites thanks to well-indexable navigation chains.
  • Highly configurable, it allows you to customize⁢ the appearance and behavior of the breadcrumb navigation.
  • It provides support for different languages ​​and translations.

Similar‍ plugins like BREADCRUMB NAVXT

In addition to BREADCRUMB NAVXT, there are ‍also several⁤ other similar navigation management plugins on the market, such as YOAST SEO, RANK MATH or ALL IN ONE SEO PACK. These⁢ plugins⁢ also offer various features to improve navigation on your website.

Installing‍ the plugin directly in the administration

Installing the BREADCRUMB‍ NAVXT plugin is very easy. Just go to the administration of your WordPress site, go to the Plugins section, search for BREADCRUMB NAVXT and click the “Install plugin” button. ⁤The plugin is automatically installed and activated. Then⁤ you can adjust its settings according to your needs.

Conclusion: BREADCRUMB NAVXT is a useful plugin for managing navigation on WordPress sites. Its ease of use, user benefits, and SEO optimization make it a valuable website tool. Remember that well-crafted navigation is key to making it easy for users to navigate ⁤your site and find the information they need.

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