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How to Organize Your Posts on Your WordPress Site Easily

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Post Types Order is a WordPress plugin developed by The Mad Modder team. This plugin allows you to easily organize the types of posts on your site. The order of post types is especially useful for blogs and online journals, where each author can create different types of posts. You can also use this feature on any web page where you need to organize posts by topic or content.

Organize posts

You can organize post types by title, data generation options, or post status. Post types can be sorted in ascending or descending order by their title, data generation options, or the status of each post. Post types can also be sorted by categories such as messages, reviews, questions and answers, and links. Moreover, you can quickly find a specific post type by searching in categories. Once you’ve found the type of post you want, you can quickly access it from the cover page or individual pages of your website.

Best organization of posts

Post Types Order helps you organize your posts by their title, data generation options, or status. You can use this plugin on any website where you need to organize posts by topic or content. In addition, you can use this plugin on your personal blog, where you create different types of posts yourself.

You can also have this feature on your WordPress website. Just search for the plugin under the name »Post Types Order« in the »Plugins« and »Plugin Installation« categories in the WordPress administration.

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