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How to Speed Up Image Loading in WordPress

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Do you have a slow website? Are your images and photos loading too slowly? Try image compression, which is and always will be absolutely free. This will speed up the loading of your website and thus the SEO score from search engines such as Seznam.cz or Google, resulting in more organic traffic. No longer bother your visitors with slow displays. You definitely want visitors to come back.

Compress images

The plugin we will talk about in this article will automatically and bulk optimize your uploaded Images in WordPress in the media library. Reduces their file size. This will make the images load faster. The plugin ensures top-notch image compression in compression vs quality ratio. After shrinking, there is no extreme decrease in image quality. You can use automatic compression to reduce the size of images and photos by using all image files in JPG, PNG, and GIF formats.

Compact for all plugins

This plugin has been tested with over hundreds of other plugins. These include, for example, BuddyPress, MediaPress, Thumbnails, WP RSS Aggregator, Gmedia Photo Gallery and so on. It will certainly be compatible with your already installed plugins that you have on your website.

You can find the plugin for free download in every WordPress administration under the name EWWW Image Optimizer in the category »Plugins« and »Plugin Installation« using search.

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