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SSL WordPress certificate with redirection to encrypted HTTPS version


The plugin we will talk about in this article automatically recognizes your current settings as soon as you activate the plugin and sets your website to run on an encrypted secure HTTPS:// version. Unencrypted sites usually still have a variant of HTTP://. The developers took the trouble to keep options to a minimum and make everything simple with one click of the mouse.

Is it really simple?

Yes. With one click, the plugin checks whether there is already an SSL certificate and fines not yet, you can generate it automatically. This depends on the hosting you choose. Some hostings, and mostly free ones, can block this option and only provide it in paid programs. Otherwise, it's really easy. Everyone can try it and absolutely free of charge.

HTTP:// redirects to HTTPS://

It is important to force redirects from HTTP to a secure encrypted version of HTTPS. Otherwise, some visitors may come across an insecure version and this may be misused. You can set this up after installing the plugin. It should be mentioned that this particular option the plugin does not do automatically. After installing the plugin, go to the plugin category and find the SSL item that is located in the WordPress administration. Click on the option »Activate 301.htaccess redirects«. Then everything should run correctly.

What do search engines say about this?

This is also important from an SEO perspective. Unencrypted and therefore insecure sites are not very fond of search engines such as or Google, and this is reflected in the search results. If you do not have an encrypted version of security, it is unlikely that you will occupy the first positions in the results of searches from which organic and very important traffic comes.

You can find the plugin under the name Really Simple SSL in every WordPress administration in the "Plugins" and »Plugin Installation" categories.

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