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How to add WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business to WordPress


Do you own a website with a WordPress content management system? Yes? So just for you in this article I will write how to easily create chatting on your website. And not just any. Surely you already know the WhatsApp platform. Lots of people use them instead of SMS messages. Why not. It’s free and all you need is the internet and your mobile phone with which you will write messages. Now let’s talk about how to add WhatsApp to your WordPress website. All you have to do is install a simple plugin and your visitors can write to your mobile phone directly from your website.

Why choose WhatsApp

WhatsApp fits almost any website. Do you own an e-shop? What if someone wants help with an order? Do you own a blog with tutorials, for example? What if someone doesn’t know what to do with something? Something else? Maybe visitors have something to say to you. In such cases, it is good for the visitor to receive his answer as soon as possible. No one will immediately look for your e-mail to tell you something. WhatsApp can make this easier to do. If you’re already getting messages from your visitors, what about when you deploy the very popular WhatsApp? This can increase interest in your website and prevent the loss of a visitor who may go to a place where easy communication already exists.

What goes on WhatsApp

For those who still do not know what can be done on WhatsApp, I have a brief introduction to this amazing cross-platform application. WhatsApp isn’t just about texting. You can also send pictures, video files, but also audio files or even your location on the map. This makes WhatsApp more than just a text gateway. The use is therefore greater and will satisfy perhaps every Internet user. The only thing this super platform still lacks is probably an offline mode, but it is not so simple and achievable.

You can find this plugin in every WordPress administration under the category »Plugins« and »Plugin installation« under the name »Click to Chat«. Just install the plugin in your administration, set it up accordingly and you can use it for free on your WordPress website.

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