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How to make a living from blogging?


Creating a personal blog is a fascinating adventure. It can reveal your true passions, help you better understand yourself, learn to promote your brand and, most importantly, boost your personal and professional confidence. So what are you waiting for? Combine pleasure with usefulness and start your own blog!

Blogging as a fairytale dream

Blogging is one of the most popular activities and making money by blogging is a dream. The freedom to work anytime, anywhere, as in a fairy tale with a happy ending. However, everyone with this dream should realize that just writing good articles will not bring you anything good. On the following lines we will show you ways to earn extra money using the web.

What to write a blog about

Do not fight from scratch and discuss the topic so that readers always take something away from the article. You can educate them, entertain them, make them think, be useful to visitors, solve their problems, show them something new. Also, don’t forget what you want to achieve with your blog.

Relevant content as the key to success

Are you writing a blog and want it to be a magnet for visitors? Tired of writing articles in virtual drawers? The only way is relevant content – interesting and useful for your target group. When you fine-tune this type of content based on SEO, it can bring you beautiful organic traffic.

Don’t log on everything

Instead of trying to blog about “everything”, it is better to focus on one or two topics, right – original, from a different angle, in depth. Of course, work on areas that make you happy. Under this proposal you can imagine anything. Don’t write things that don’t concern you. You will quickly lose interest altogether and most likely end up with a blog full of info ballasts with no added value.

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