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Website development in WordPress: The most used free content management system

How to install WordPress plugin (new feature)


What is a plugin and where to find it

Plugin is the generic name of a new additional site feature in the WordPress content management system. Plugins of so-called add-ons are free millions and we can find mostly everything that the right website should have. There are also a number of plugins that are charged as they offer some particularly great premium features. All plugins, whether free or not, can be found using the search by name in the Administration of the WordPress Content Management System in the items »plugins« and »plugin installation«.

5 Most Basic Free WordPress Plugins

  • 1. All in One SEO – Setting up information for search engines in search results (title, description, sitemap, robots.txt, ..)
  • 2. GDPR Cookie consent – Consent of visitors to the use of cookies (traffic analysis, targeted advertising, ..)
  • 3. Site Kit by Google – Traffic measurement and analysis, advertising for your website (Adsense) from Google
  • 4. Classic Editor – Another variant of displaying posts for creation or editing
  • 5.Contact Form 7 – Contact form to the website that sends messages from visitors to your e-mail address

Are you looking for a free plugin (add-on for WordPress website)? Write below this article in the comments and we will try to find it together. My list of plugins that I tried is described in the Plugin label. Now you should be able to add a new plugin to the WordPress content management system, I also recommend using the earnings for all site owners, which is advertising from Google with the Site Kit by Google plugin.

WordPress Tutorial

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