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Website development in WordPress: The most used free content management system

How to like and share a website


The most popular social network Facebook today is known to absolutely everyone and most have created a profile that they regularly visit. So it comes in handy for me to get traffic using Facebook. On this social network, it is easy to set up a group or Facebook page for your website. Thanks to this, we can publish, for example, new events on the web for free and thus attract attention. A lot of users of social networks follow their hobbies in this way, about which they want to learn something new.

Create a Facebook fan page

You can easily create a Facebook page for your website with a registered Facebook account at www.facebook.com/pages/creation/...

Generate HTML code for a button

If you already have a Facebook Page created, you can now embed the Like button on your website to get new followers from your website. Simply generate a short HTML code for the button, which we then insert into any part of the website. If you have a website with wordpress content management system, you can insert the HTML code, for example, into widgets that we find after logging into the administration, or I recommend the Plan for creating a website.

We will generate the HTML code at www.developers.facebook.com. Enter the URL from your created Facebook Page into the form and choose a variant of the button.

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