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Best WordPress Plugin to Compress Images

15. 10. 2022 Creating a website Štítek:

EWWW Image Optimizer automatically compresses your JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF and GIF files and adjusts them for sensitive viewing. It also allows you to set up any folder in your WordPress installation for optimization, including theme images, BuddyPress avatars, bbPress plugins, and more. Image optimization EWWW IO is the only plugin that allows you to […]

What to choose a plugin for WordPress file manager

14. 10. 2022 Creating a website Štítek:

It’s one of the few WordPress file manager plugins that is compatible with the site builder, so you can organize those resources as well. It also handles multiple file types, multiple languages, WooCommerce content, drag and drop, touch and bulk editing of files and folders. As a feature, it offers a user-friendly interface, excellent context […]

Which plugin to choose for SVG images

13. 10. 2022 Creating a website Štítek:

The Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) standard has become a popular image file format for the web in recent years. It is especially popular among web designers who use it to create complex images for websites and applications. SVG is also used for digital illustrations in books, magazines and newspapers and provides a universal file format […]

How to secure your WordPress site from attacks

12. 10. 2022 Creating a website Štítek:

Safety is not absolute. This is an ongoing process and as such should be managed. Safety is all about reducing risks. The risk is not eliminated. It’s about using security controls that are best suited to cover risks and threats to your site. How you choose to host your website is important and you should […]

How to Improve Image Quality in WordPress

9. 10. 2022 Creating a website Štítek:

Smush is an online image optimization tool that allows users to make their images look more vivid and realistic using a series of optimizations. Images optimized with Smush look sharper, more vivid, and more realistic. By selecting from different options, you can configure Smush to optimize images for different purposes. For example, you can optimize […]

How to clear your WordPress cache

8. 10. 2022 Creating a website Štítek:

WP Super Cache is available for free download in the official WordPress repository. This plugin no longer has such a sophisticated and pleasant UI, but theoretically it can be recommended even to beginners, because when you turn it on, a simple mode is activated, which turns on simple web caching. What the plugin can do […]



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