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Log in to WordPress using social networks

Creating a website Štítek:

The plugin that we are going to introduce in this article is a professional and easy-to-use free plugin for free. It allows your website visitors to register and log in using the most famous social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Google and the like.

Just-click sign up

Registration will never be a problem again. Visitors don't necessarily have to spend time filling out unnecessary registration forms, nor do they have to verify email or remember the login details of a particular site. Anyone can register or log in with just one click.

Easy integration

The plugin integrates easily with your existing login form. There is no need to interfere with it. Login via social networks is easily added to your existing registration and login form. Visitors can add and remove their accounts through this plugin directly on your WordPress website.

You can find the plugin by logging into the WordPress web administration and in the category »Plugins« and »Plugin Installer« using search. You can find the plugin under the name Nextend Social Login and Register.

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