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Click-through rate and CTR for ads or is it good?

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In this short article, we will talk about what is a good click-through rate in search, how to achieve the maximum number of clicks in search results, how the click-through rate is calculated, and how to find out the statistics from the search if we have a website with or without the WordPress content management system.

What is click-through rate and how to calculate it

Click-through rate is actually a statistic of how many people clicked on a website in search results. The click-through rate is calculated by »clicks : impressions = CTR« (CTR is denoted by the click-through rate). The click-through rate is marked as a percentage, and the higher the percentage of clicks, the more successful the site is and the higher the traffic. It depends on the topic, when this number varies, but a good result is indicated at least 5% or more. If we want to achieve great results in search, this percentage is very important and we should be interested in it because it indicates the success of the website.

How to find your click-through rate

If you own a website with WordPress installed, you can easily find out your click-through rate using Google's Site Kid plugin. Use the plugin to see how many people saw your site in search (impressions) and how many people clicked on your site. Based on this, the click-through rate can be determined and calculated. However, we do not have to count it, because the plugin will do it for you and directly calculate this important number for you. Thanks to this plugin, we can easily find out such statistics. The second option may be Google's Search Console ( if we don't have a site with WordPress installed.

How to get the most clicks in search

To have a good click-through rate percentage, we should have an engaging headline for each article or any content. The headline is the first thing that a visitor may be interested in if they come across your website in search results. Today, in any case, it is no longer enough to have a concise and accurate headline for all articles. Engage the visitor already on Google and Seznam, for example, with a headline that will arouse emotions. Use words like best, most important, most interesting or also top 10 things, comparison of 5 products and so on. And why use these words? Search engines love this and prefer this in search.

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