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Verified online earnings on the Internet (4 ways) without investments

In this article, I wrote how to earn a few crowns on the Internet. I personally tried all ways of earning, including the selection of accumulated credits. They are 100% functional and paying. There is a reference system for all of the options mentioned. Easy earnings that everyone can try.

RollerCoin – Earnings by playing games in cryptocurrency

RollerCoin is a browser game and cryptocurrency mining simulator. You own mining machines, A PC, and with your mining power you collect real cryptocurrencies that you can have sent to your Bitcoin wallet. For example, you can mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, DogeCoin, but also RollerCoin cryptocurrency. With RollerCoin you buy additional mining machines that will increase your mining power and you will then be able to mine much faster. Other cryptocurrencies are used to transfer to your wallet or to purchase RollerCoin cryptocurrency. You can also increase your mining power by playing simple flash games. Don't forget to replenish the energy for your mining machines so that they can continue to mine themselves.


Peer2profit – Earnings for Internet connection

Offer your internet connection to this system and it will itself offer your excess Internet data. The more you make available, the greater the reward. All you need is to have an internet connection. That's all. The application you install on your PC works absolutely by itself. By running your PC or laptop, you will run this great application automatically and it will pay you for the data used. For 1 GB you pay 1 Dollar. This can be exchanged, for example, for cryptocurrencies at the current exchange rate or for real money to a bank account.


CryptoTab – Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Mining on PC and Mobile

Actual mining of the most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The ability to mine on any PC, laptop or even mobile. Multiple devices can be used at the same time. Every few minutes you divide a pair of Satoshi (BTC). These can be sent to your Bitcoin address and then exchanged for real money. Withdrawal possible from 1000 Satoshi (BTC). It does not take too long to reach the amount to withdraw.


WebSurf – Working clicker and autosurf

Earnings for automatic surfing on the Internet. For each view of the site you get a small reward in credits. You can then exchange the credits for real money. Withdrawal from 50,-CZK. A proven clicker that still works today. Alternatively, you can exchange credits for traffic to your website or simply sell them.


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