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Verified earnings via the Internet 2-15 dollars/m. in cryptocurrency

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Earnings on the Internet for anyone who has an Internet connection. This is how we could summarize the earnings online, which we will introduce in this short PR article. Now you can use your Internet connection and allow other users to use it. For using an Internet connection, you will be rewarded according to the data used. All that needs to be done is to download an add-on for Windows (PC) or for Adroid and macOs (Mobile Phone). You can download and run it after registration on the page.

Everything works automatically and you get paid data every time you are connected to the Internet and you have the mentioned add-on running.

From one device can be obtained from 2 to 15 dollars per month.

$0.8/1GB of data PC and classic Wifi network
$1.0/1GB of data mobile data
$0.3/1GB of data corporate Wifi network

You can pay in several possible variants. It is paid from as little as $ 2. 

Min. $20 Payment card
Min. $2 Payeer, Monero cryptocurrency, LiteCoin cryptocurrency, ..
Min. $60 binance cryptocurrency
Min. $300 cryptocurrency Bitcoin
Min. $230 cryptocurrency Ethereum

Cryptocurrencies can be sent to your crypto address created, for example, at the, where you can eventually exchange the funds.

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