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What is an RSS URL feed and how to use it in WordPress

9. 6. 2022 Creating a website

Do you want to learn what a good RSS feed is and what an RSS feed is? I will advise you on how to use the RSS feed of various websites or how you can even use it if you own a website with the WordPress content management system installed. RSS feeds will be absolutely […]

The Best WordPress SEO Plugin That Increases Organic Traffic

6. 6. 2022 Creating a website Štítek:

The most comprehensive and used WordPress SEO plugin that you apply by filling in the installation questions. Thanks to this add-on, you have access to SEO tools completely free of charge. It serves primarily to increase website traffic organically. Use smart features to get the best cutting-edge SEO options. Everything is done automatically and in […]

analýza klíčových slov

Best Free Online Text Keyword Analysis Tool

2. 6. 2022 Creating a website

In this article, I will answer your questions about keyword analysis. Let's talk about what keyword analysis is for and where to analyze a website for free. There is also a brief description of how to work with the keywords that the FREE SEO analysis tool generates for us. What is keyword analysis With the […]

How to Perfectly Secure Your WordPress Site from Hacker Attacks

30. 5. 2022 Creating a website Štítek:

Secure your WordPress site from malicious Malware. Available and effective firewall protection. This plugin that we are going to talk about is the most comprehensive website security plugin available, which includes a lot of other features such as two-factor authentication known as 2FA. It is the most used plugin for web protection. Available Firewall Protection […]



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