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ShortCods for WordPress that you too must have

26. 5. 2022 Creating a website Štítek:

Shortcode is used to publish various add-ons to your new posts in the WordPress content management system. You no longer need the HTML codes used by programmers around the world. Just click on the menu of shorcods and the new selected add-on is directly in your text editor. Shortcodes are used to simplify content creation, […]

Verified earnings via the Internet 2-15 dollars/m. in cryptocurrency

25. 5. 2022 Free PR article

Earnings on the Internet for anyone who has an Internet connection. This is how we could summarize the earnings online, which we will introduce in this short PR article. Now you can use your Internet connection and allow other users to use it. For using an Internet connection, you will be rewarded according to the […]

The Secret Power of Subtitles or Outwit Organic Traffic

11. 5. 2022 Creating a website Štítek:

In this article you will learn how to be visible on the Internet and achieve the best results in search results, especially in Google and Seznam and not only that. You'll be successful with your ads, too. It will also ensure the highest possible clickability of your posts on Facebook and YouTube, for example. Thanks […]

How to create a social network in WordPress

8. 5. 2022 Creating a website Štítek:

Want to have your own social network? With a plugin that we tell ourselves about, it's easy to handle. Just install and set the redesigned plugin in the WordPress administration. This will then create a classic social network with all the basic functions. Developers have tried to make it as easy as possible to use […]



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