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Website development in WordPress: The most used free content management system

Plan to create a site

This site works like a blog, and it can be hard to figure out where to start and build your first website. Here you have such a crossroads, how to proceed and what to do first.

For starters

Instructions for installing WordPress in just a click (WebFree)
How to easily create a new WordPress website (Endora)
How to install a WordPress plugin (new feature)
Basic settings of a new WordPress site
Comparison of the most used free hosting
How to find out the traffic to your WordPress site


Why it's important to have a cookie policy on your website
What is GDPR and what is privacy for


How to edit a WordPress login page
How to edit user roles in WordPress
How to edit the administration menu in WordPress

SEO Search Engine Optimization

How to get quality SEO backlinks to your site
The best WordPress SEO plugin that increases organic traffic
Website optimization with Yoast SEO
SSL plugin WordPress certificate with redirect to encrypted HTTPS version
Why is it important to have a responsive look of the site
Speed up the loading of the WordPress site for better SEO
What is the most used SEO plugin for WordPress
What are the basic rules of seo optimization
How to Achieve Better Results in Search Engines
SEO Rules that Will Increase Organic Website Traffic

Facebook and social networks

Login to WordPress with social networks
How to add facebook messenger to WordPress site
How to add share buttons for social media
How to create a social network in WordPress
How to like and share a like button on a website

Translation into a foreign language

Automatic translation of WordPress into a foreign language
How to create a multilingual WordPress website including indexing

RSS and Emails

Bulk mailing of free emails
What is an RSS URL feed and how to use it in WordPress

Pictures and photos

How to Create a Responsive Photo Gallery WordPress Plugin
How to Speed Up Image Loading in WordPress


WordPress Image, Text and Banner Slider Plugin
WordPress Popups Not Blocking Your Browser
How to Create a Banner with Free Download Program

Headlines, keywords and search

The best free online tool for analyzing text keywords
Secret power of subtitles or beat organic traffic
Click-through rate and CTR for ads or is it good?
How to do keyword analysis and where to find them

Protection and maintenance

Backing up and restoring WordPress data to leave you in peace Of mind
How to put your site temporarily down for maintenance How to
perfectly secure your WordPress site from hacker attacks
How to protect WordPress against spam with Google reCaptcha v3
How to protect WordPress from copying duplicate text


How to add Google maps to wordpress site
Basic WordPress plugins that every website must have
ShortCody for WordPress that you must also have
How to create a WordPress contact form for free
How to create a free WordPress discussion forum
How to create a point system on WordPress

For any advice, question, clarification, do not hesitate to use online help creating a WordPress site where I will be happy to help you further and explain everything in detail or use facebook messenger for faster communication. Other interesting plugins that I personally tried can be found under the Plugin label.

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