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How to Protect WordPress from Copying Duplicate Text


In this article, you will learn how to prevent texts from being copied from your website if you have a WordPress content management system. You'll also learn why it's important to have original text on your site and what happens when someone copies the content of your site and posts it on theirs.

Copying text and abusing it

In order to have the best results from search engines such as Google and Seznam, we need to have original non-duplicated content on our website. This means that no one has yet published such content on the Internet, and we are the only ones who have exactly such content. Search engines will very easily find out that the content is copied from somewhere and such content does not have much value. Texts are automatically protected by copyright. Its copying should not be abused, and in the event of the opposite, compensation can be claimed for the damage caused that is reflected in the search results.

Duplicate content on the Internet

In the event that someone copies the web content of your website, the value of the text in the search results is divided between them. This can cause traffic to decrease in the website or not be as good as its full potential. This causes great damage and it is necessary to strictly guard the texts. After all, it is a possible success or failure of the site. Therefore, both web pages with the same content should appear in the search when you search. And that's what we certainly don't want if we value our honestly created content with which we want to score points on the Internet.

Anti-copy WordPress plugin

Today, anyone can copy web content very easily in a fraction of a second. We can check it every now and then if it is still original on the Internet and no one has copied it to us, or we can simply solve everything with a plugin for the WordPress content management system. Thanks to the plugin, we do not have to guard our website so much and its copying and misuse can be a little more complicated. It works in such a way that if the visitor clicks on the right mouse button, he will not see any options (that is, even copy the text). This function will be completely turned off on the site and clicking on the right mouse button will not offer us anything. This will significantly complicate the easy copying of the text and discourage any pest. After all, rewriting entire texts is much more difficult than just copying the text.

How to apply a plugin to WordPress

After logging into the WordPress administration, the plugin can be found in the »Plugins« and »Plugin Installation« sections using a search under the name »WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click«. We install and apply the plugin. Then, in the plugin settings, we select the option »Posts protection by JavaScript« and switch to the value »Disabled« (as shown in the image above).

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