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Switching between user accounts in WordPress

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Do you own a website with WordPress content management system installed? Just for such visitors to my website I have another super gadget. Today we're going to talk about a plugin that can easily give you switching between user accounts. Super plugin for faster login.

Easy account switching

Click on the registered account button and you're done! It's useful when you're testing how your website will look in different user roles. This requires multiple accounts with different user rights. With this plugin, you can easily switch from an administrator account to, for example, a visitor account. You can easily find out if you have made a mistake in something and, most importantly, how the result will look from other user accounts.

Easier work with results

This plugin makes your work easier. Don't fill in credentials anymore. This is the easiest way to switch between accounts. Make your work easier by installing this simple plugin. You can get started today.

You can find the plugin in every Administration of the WordPress content management system immediately after logging in in the category »Plugins« and »Plugin Installation« under the name »User Switching«.

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