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Why it's important to have a responsive look for your site


Do you own a website and don't know what a responsive look is? In that case, be very careful! In this article, you will learn why it is important to have a responsive look for your WordPress theme, what it actually means and what it is good for. Of course, there is also a tutorial on how to create a responsive look using my WordPress themes, which are of course all responsive.

Instead of a PC mobile or tablet

The older ones certainly know it very well. In the past, there was only a PC with internet, and almost no one used the Internet on their mobile, because it was very expensive and, moreover, it was not as sophisticated as it is today. Times are changing, and today the opposite has happened. A PC or laptop is already used by a significantly smaller percentage of people, and today mobile phones with an Internet connection are in trend. Surely you have even heard about unlimited mobile data and this is another step towards greater use of mobiles.

Customize the view of the site for mobile and tablet

So we have clarified that mobile phones are used more than before and what does this mean for us website builders? You need to adapt your website to mobile phones because it contains a different web browser and the view of the website may change. Responsive appearance means that the look of the site is tailored for mobile phones and is displayed correctly and without design errors. We should write such a look in such a form of programming language that the appearance is customizable both for PC and for mobile or even tablet.

Responsive skin free download

Not everyone can create a responsive look for their website template, so I decided to offer responsive templates for wordPress content management system for free download. Templates can currently be found in the menu (Czech WordPress themes)

Why it's important to have a responsive look

We explained that today mobile phones are used more than before. Responsive websites that are also designed for mobile phones will get much more traffic than sites that are not responsive. For example, if someone with a mobile phone searches on Google, they'll only see responsive sites in search results. It is therefore very important to have a responsive look and get the most out of your website, because even mobile visitors will definitely suit everyone.

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