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Really simple WordPress plugin against spamming

Creating a website Štítek:

CAPTCHAs are letters or numbers that appear on a web page screen to prevent automated programs from accessing restricted parts of a website. Problems can occur when automated programs try to log on to a website without knowing the correct answer. These programs are called bots and are used in virtually all parts of our lives. Many people find it very annoying when they receive unsolicited emails or messages on social networks as a result of an automated program's attempt to gain unauthorized access to a website. This is where CAPTCHA comes into play to help prevent abuse and hackers.

What is a CAPTCHA

The most common type of CAPTCHA is verbal. During the 19th century, Professor Charles Solomon created the first captcha based on words. Since then, various other types have emerged, such as audio and visual. While they are not perfect, they help alleviate some of the problems that bots cause websites. A common type of CAPTCHA is one that requires the user to enter specific words or numbers with specific characters at specific points on the page—usually at the bottom of the page. Other common types of CAPTCHA include math and image recognition problems (e.g., drawing a picture with specific colors). All of these types are good at what they do: they prevent automated programs from accessing accounts without permission.

Simple setup

One thing that makes Really Simple CAPTHA different from other plugins is its simplicity and accessibility for any webmaster regardless of technical skills or site development experience. Any webmaster can install Really Simple CAPTCHA through our plugin link. Once installed, just add a few lines of code to your WordPress site and its users can start using the features of Really Simple Captcha in minutes!

You can find this plugin in every administration of your WordPress under the category »Plugins« and »Plugin installation« under the name »Really Simple CAPTHA«.

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