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How to adjust the administration menu in WordPress

Have you created a website with wordpress content management system? If not, instructions for beginners on how to set it up for free can be found on the Website Creation Plan page. Now let's talk about how to proceed and change other features that WordPress offers and that is the registration of new users and the change of factory administration.

Set up new user registration

As a first step, it is necessary to enable the possibility of registration for new users in the administration of your WordPress website in the »settings« and »general« items, where we click on the "anyone can register" option for membership. Then it is also necessary to publish it on the website in the item »widgets« which can be found after logging into the administration in the »appearance« section. Add a login widget to the sidebars of your WordPress theme, for example (see the image for a preview). After placing the widget called login, everyone should be able to register on your website from the front page.

Plugin to change WordPress login page

As a second step, I would change the login page. There is a free plugin available for this that will change it to a much better level. If you do not yet know how to install new features in the WordPress content management system, I recommend reading the article How to install a WordPress plugin (new feature). The plugin I mean will change the login page for new users. It can change the complete login look with background choice, change font type and color, embed your own logo, add social networks, add Captcha verification and so on. After all, the design can also automatically change into a form that you will surely like more than it is with the factory settings of your login page. All this is offered by a plugin called Admin Custom Login which can be found in the WordPress administration in the »plugins« and »plugin installation« section.

Plugin to customize WordPress administration

In the third step, I will describe how to delete unwanted items after the user logs in in the user interface. In short, it is possible to remove from the menu what the user himself does not need and it is also inappropriate for him to have access to such information whether he has permission to do so or not. To help with this problem, we will easily install the WP Custom Admin Interface plugin.

Where to change administration with Custom Admin Interface

After installing and installing the Custom Admin Interface plugin, we find it in the menu in the WordPress administration and then click on the »Admin Menu«. In this section, we can certainly see the items that appear on the left side of the page after logging into the WordPress administration. Thus, we can delete some of the displayed items. It is important to mention that in order for what we have set up to work, the new options need to be applied to the users themselves. This can also be found in this section at the very bottom under the title »Implement this for«.

Similarly, we can also change the options for displaying information at the top of the page (so-called toolbars). This can be found in the »Admin Toolbar« item. Of course, there is also the possibility to completely rename all items in the navigation menu and also the bar.

Plugin to edit 3-in-1 administration

The third super plugin for changing information in the WordPress CMS board is called Ultimate Dashboard. We can install it in the administration in the »Plugins« and »Plugin installation« sections using the search by name. After applying the plugin in the new item »Ultimate Dashboard« and »settings« we set what we want to have in the board. However, this plugin can do much more. First of all, what I mentioned all for the new possibilities in this article. It can change the displayed items in the menu (Admin menu editor), the items displayed in the toolbar (Admin bar editor) and can also change the WordPress login customizer.

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