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Website optimization with Yoast SEO plugin


Currently the best and most used plugin to set up the most basic SEO practices. So that's what today's article is about. Excellent SEARCH ENGINE SEO optimization is essential to achieve great traffic from searches such as Seznam or Google. If you own a website with wordPress installed, you should consider installing an SEO plugin that will automatically set the most basic SEO policies for you.

What the plugin can do

  • Titles of pages, subpages, articles
  • Description of pages, subpages, articles
  • Social preview image
  • Company logo
  • Keyword suggestion
  • Readability and SEO ratings for articles

Information about the title and description of each page of the site is a must. According to these keywords, the site is displayed in the search results. As a bonus, we can take a preview image for social media and possibly the choice of the company logo. The best feature is keyword suggestion right when you're writing new articles. Under each article you write you will have the opportunity to analyze keywords for free. This means that when you enter a keyword or phrase, you'll see similar variations that people are searching for in relation to the topic. This can be a plus to achieve higher traffic to the site. Of course, there is also a rating of readability of articles and SEO ratings.

Install plugin for the best SEO

If you have a website with wordpress content management system installed, log in to the WordPress administration and in the category »Plugins« and »Plugin installation« search for the plugin under the name Yoast SEO. After downloading and applying the plugin, the most basic thing should be set up immediately.

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