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What is the most used SEO plugin for WordPress

Today we will introduce one of the most important plugins for the WordPress content management system. A plugin that automatically makes you a flawless setting of the displayed information in the search, such as the title and description of each page and subpage of your website. Have you tried to share your URL on Facebook and the information in the preview is not perfect? Even such information can be set up easily and quickly, which is definitely not all!

This plugin will set up your website to have better positions in searches such as Google and Seznam. The perfect setting of the information below will improve the ranking of your website.  Rank pages and this will cause you to enter a search term to occupy better leading positions compared to competing sites (increases the likelihood of a user visit). This is technically called SEO (search engine optimization) and is the best way to increase website traffic and get your website to the first places in search.

Plugin features

  • Set up captions and descriptions for all Pages, subpages, including rubrics, tags and posts
  • Simple robots file creation.txt
  • Easily create a sitemap.xml
  • Set up Facebook preview for site URLs when sharing (also Twitter and Pinterest)
  • SEO analysis of WordPress site settings
  • Setting up a redirect in the PRO version

Free online support

Thanks to the SEO analysis provided by this plugin, you can easily find out where you have errors and recommend a procedure for improvement in English (can be translated using Google). In the event that you could not fix the error in the SEO settings of the site yourself after the translation, I recommend using the discussion forum Online Help – Creating a WordPress site, where I will eventually advise you.

How to install a plugin on WordPress

You can install and apply the plugin after logging into the Administration of the WordPress website in the »plugins« and »plugin installation« sections, where you can search for it under the name All in One SEO.


All of the features available are free except for site redirects. Other great advice and tips that will increase your website traffic from search engines such as Google and Seznam can be found in the article What are the basic rules of seo optimization (part of this article). The plugin also offers additional features after paying for the PRO version.

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