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The Best WordPress SEO Plugin That Increases Organic Traffic


The most comprehensive and used WordPress SEO plugin that you apply by filling in the installation questions. Thanks to this add-on, you have access to SEO tools completely free of charge. It serves primarily to increase website traffic organically. Use smart features to get the best cutting-edge SEO options. Everything is done automatically and in one click. This is truly the best exclusive SEO plugin that is far behind the competition. It is not necessary to look for another SEO solution. This plugin has everything we need to optimize your site. The plugin can be linked to Google Analytic and Search Console, which adds more possible features that you can continue to work with.

Keyword suggestion

When publishing articles, you will get the opportunity to analyze keywords. This will certainly help you figure out what words to use on a particular topic in order to reach your full potential. The number of attempts to optimize keywords focused on a specific article is unlimited. You can also track the order of keywords in Google's search engine.

Automatic SEO setup

No complicated plugin setup. The plugin sets up SEO in the installation wizard and then everything works in one click because the plugin configures itself and automatically. A really easy procedure that will perfectly set up your website. Compact with Plugins All in One SEO and Yoast SEO, where it automatically detects already set SEO data.

SeO analysis of WordPress site

Thanks to the SEO analysis function, you can find out how your website is currently performing in terms of SEO optimization. It also looks for errors that should be fixed. If you don't know how to fix errors, never mind. The plugin will tell you how to improve any errors. In the end, you get a rating from zero to a hundred according to the achieved scóre.

You can find the plugin in every WordPress administration. Log in and in the categories »Plugins« and »Plugin installation« search for this plugin under the name »Rank Math SEO«.

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