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ShortCods for WordPress that you too must have


Shortcode is used to publish various add-ons to your new posts in the WordPress content management system. You no longer need the HTML codes used by programmers around the world. Just click on the menu of shorcods and the new selected add-on is directly in your text editor. Shortcodes are used to simplify content creation, especially for those who do not fully control HTML programming codes. It is used for easier work with new posts. The entire list of shortcodes is shown in the figure.

More creative posts with Shorcode

Do you use QR codes and don't know how to insert them with your post or subpage? Easy to upload with this plugin and not only that! You can add a YouTube video. Don't have a Video on YouTube? That doesn't matter either. You can add an audio recording directly from your WordPress. You can also play with the content, for example, with animation or create an image gallery. For example, if you have a brick-and-mortar store, you can easily add a Google map so that your website visitors can easily find you. There is a lot going on with this plugin and you may even appreciate the premium paid version that offers much more.

List of Top Shortcode Free

  • heading
  • separator
  • button
  • RSS
  • tables
  • QR codes
  • YouTube video
  • Audio recording
  • Google Maps
  • Gallery
  • Animation

How it can be used

All you have to do is download and install the plugin. Shortcodes will appear in every text editor for the WordPress content management system. It contains a total of 67 free shortcodes and after activating the premium version, there are even more of them. It is advisable to constantly update the plugin. Like any plugin applied to the WordPress content management system. You can find the plugin in every WordPress administration in the category »Plugins« and »Plugin Installation« and you can find it under the name WordPress Shortcodes plugin – Shortcodes Ultimate.

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