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Basic advice on how to blog on the Internet

30. 10. 2022 Creating a website Štítek:

Anyone can create a blog. But before that, you need to consider a key question: what will the blog content consist of? Can I express my personal opinion? Will it bring any professional topics, political opinions and commentaries? Of course, you can adjust the focus of your blog over time, but having a clear idea […]

What is WordPress

26. 10. 2022 Creating a website Štítek:

Today, advanced users can create a simple WordPress website themselves. It has a number of ready-made graphic themes. Some are completely free, some are paid. Most hosts today can install WordPress with just a few mouse clicks. After that, you choose a suitable topic, configure the basic parameters of the site, and the site can […]

What the ideal article should look like

20. 10. 2022 Creating a website Štítek:

The format of the article is not strictly given, but it is advisable to follow certain recommendations. The article should have about 2 standard pages and should have a clear structure. It is advisable to use lists, bullets and, of course, subheadings. Articles should be readable and full of interesting information. If the content of […]

How to make a living from blogging?

18. 10. 2022 Creating a website Štítek:

Creating a personal blog is a fascinating adventure. It can reveal your true passions, help you better understand yourself, learn to promote your brand and, most importantly, boost your personal and professional confidence. So what are you waiting for? Combine pleasure with usefulness and start your own blog! Blogging as a fairytale dream Blogging is […]

How to install WordPress plugin (new feature)

24. 10. 2021 Creating a website Štítek:

What is a plugin and where to find it Plugin is the generic name of a new additional site feature in the WordPress content management system. Plugins of so-called add-ons are free millions and we can find mostly everything that the right website should have. There are also a number of plugins that are charged […]



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