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Tool for cloning and rewriting WordPress posts


In most cases, you don’t want to post duplicate content because it can negatively affect your SEO. So, if you’re copying a page without changing the content (if only because of a URL change), consider redirecting the original page when you’re done. Copying pages or posts on a WordPress site means more than just copying and pasting content. You can also keep page templates, meta fields, taxonomies, SEO data, and images to save time when redesigning your site or updating content.

Remove duplicate Yoast posts

If you look closely at other posts, you may find interesting content that your strong post is missing. Then, of course, add! However, this can be quite a puzzle, and this is where copying the post comes in. You can use the override and resubmit options to update your top-performing posts by adding information from other posts. Or you can create a new clone to take a closer look at both articles, make the most of both of them, and combine them into one great and complete article. Using the latter, you can copy and update cloned content to the most powerful URL. But whether you choose to rewrite and resubmit or clone, be sure to redirect posts you don’t keep! If you have very similar posts and compete for first place in search results, you can also combine them into one complete and quality post. To do this, you can check the performance of these similar posts, which one will get the most traffic and which will rank the highest.

Yoast duplicate post add-on

The Yoast Duplicate Post plugin is useful for those who want to reuse, edit and republish the content. The main feature allows you to create revised drafts and publish them as new content or overwrite previous content. Whatever the needs of a content creator, the plugin makes it easy to edit old content. The Yoast Duplicate Post plugin has many useful options, such as specifying the date to use when duplicating, specifying a prefix or extension for a new title, selecting user roles that can perform duplication, selecting actions and locations to display, and more. The plugin works right out of the box by default, but it’s good to know that there are many useful options that can come in handy in different use cases.

The plugin is available in every WordPress administration. Just go to the categories »Plugins« and »Plugin installation« in wordPress administration and search for the plugin under the name »Yoast Duplicate Post«.

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