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Update⁢ WordPress ⁢6.4: New WordPress improvements


After a long wait, the WordPress 6.4 update is finally here! This new version brings many improvements and new features that users will definitely want. In this article, we will look at the main ⁤news that the update brings.

What’s coming with the WordPress 6.4 update

With the WordPress 6.4 update comes several ‍significant changes. One of them, for example, is improving page loading speed. Thanks to code optimization, WordPress 6.4 is up to 20% faster than previous versions. This means your pages will load faster and users won’t lose patience while waiting. This improvement is especially important for mobile users who often expect content to load instantly.

Another significant innovation is the improved SEO optimization. WordPress 6.4‌ includes a number of new features and tools to help you improve the visibility of ⁤your​​ site in search engines. These tools allow you to perform an advanced SEO audit, manage meta tags, optimize images and ‍other important actions that help⁢ increase traffic and your site’s position in search results.

The main benefits of the update

The transition to WordPress 6.4 brings a number of advantages for users. Here is an overview of some of the main benefits:

  • Faster page loading thanks to code optimization.
  • Improved SEO optimization ⁢and tools to increase visibility in search engines.
  • New and improved features to make managing and maintaining your site easier.
  • Improved security and stability through bug and vulnerability fixes.

Conclusion: The WordPress 6.4 update brings many new improvements and features to help improve the performance, visibility, and security of your website. Faster loading times, improved SEO optimization and other new tools will simplify site administration⁢ and maintenance. ‍We recommend all WordPress users to update ⁤to the new version and take advantage of all the benefits it brings.

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