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2in1 advertising and earnings on the Internet from autosurfing


Today we will introduce one German advertising system that can earn you a few extra pennies. You can either use this system for advertising for your website or you can exchange the collected credits for real money.

Earnings from autosurfing

The credit you can collect on the site is obtained from so-called autosurfing over the Internet. You will see the site automatically in autosurfing and thus increase the site's traffic. The reward is credit, which you can have paid out to your account. All you need to do to get this credit for free is to have your browser's surf window open.

Earnings from advertising emails

That's what we said about autosurfing. Credits can be collected in one more way. They are slightly different credits that can also be paid out for real money, but they are even more valuable and have a greater price. It's an email ad. You enter your email into the system and advertising e-mail messages will be automatically sent to your mailbox. The same rule applies here as for autosurfing and that you can either choose it for real money or exchange it for any email advertising for your website or anything else.

Translate a page into your native language

The website with this system is in German because the website belongs to a German company. For those who do not speak German and have trouble translating, I recommend downloading Google Chrome, who will automatically translate the page into your native language.

So what else to wait for? Try this system at

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