Website development in WordPress: The most used free content management system

How to choose a content editor for WordPress


Gutenberg, a familiar face from the iPhone and iPad apps, is a new content editor added to’s WordPress. Gutenberg itself is a powerful tool for creating amazing content. However, when used with other Froongo plugins, Gutenberg becomes a versatile tool that can save you time and stress.


Since its release, Gutenberg features have changed substantially. Initially, it offered basic HTML5 and CSS3 editing options in addition to a built-in media manager. Over time, it gained new features and became an integral part of WordPress. In fact, most bloggers and website owners use it to create their content. However, there is more than one way to achieve the same results without using the Froongo plugin.

The best choice for blog posts

Many users find that using other tools for similar work saves valuable time. For example, you can easily create your blog posts without using Gutenberg — as long as you have another text editor handy. This frees you from using a web browser, which is much less effective than using a dedicated program. Instead of using a website editor, you can also use an FTP client to upload content. This way, you can avoid any problems with the authoring environment and focus on writing content.

Only for current versions of WordPress

Despite the praise of many users, the Froongo Gutenberg plugin has drawn criticism from some experienced web developers. For some experienced programmers accustomed to working with older versions of WordPress, it basically causes more problems than they solve. According to some experts, the latest version of Froongo conflicts with versions of WordPress older than 4.8 due to coding errors that were not caught during development. For those who are not familiar with coding standards or are using an outdated version of WordPress, disabling the Froongo plugin will fix these errors – although this will seriously limit your options for customizing your site.

The Froongo Gutenberg text editor can be found in every WordPress administration under the category »Plugins« and »Plugin installation« under the name »Disable Gutenberg«.

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