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Where to find free backlinks


Backlinks are important in terms of SEO (search engine optimization). More about backlinks in the article How to achieve better results in search engines. The more high-quality backlinks leading to your website a page gets, the better the placement in search engines when searching for specific content. This increases traffic in the long run.

Backlink value

In this article we will talk about how to find out backlinks for free and not just that! You can easily find out if backlinks have any value and if the newly obtained backlink is beneficial at all. Keyword analysis can also be a great help, especially if we don't know what to write articles about. The online tool suggests search phrases. The most famous service is However, it is paid. We'll talk about how to find out for free.


If you're not going to invest large sums in advertising for your site, this is a great way to make yourself visible on the Internet. Just collect quality backlinks for your website. Internet catalogs of websites or PR articles and the like can help. This is the best solution to get long-term traffic from search engines such as Google and Seznam. Be visible on the Internet and build such a strong base against any competition. Even on my website you can add a PR article and get a backlink completely free of charge.

Online backlink analysis

Thanks to the online tool, we can use the full potential of backlinks. We can track them, find out which ones have been added or which have been deleted. It is also possible to find out the possible quality of specific backlinks by means of the so-called backlinks. Spam score. Keyword analysis can also be an advantage, also available in an online tool. This can help us find out what people are looking for and what to write articles about or simply add other searched content on the Internet.

Where to find free backlinks

And now to the main one. Where can I find free backlinks and what is the name of this great SEO tool? You can find everything on the page. I'll just add that you can do a total of 10 queries for backlinks or keyword analysis for free for one month. The next month, more attempts will open (10 attempts/month).

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