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Who is a copywriter and how to earn as a copywriter

A copywriter is someone who creates advertising and marketing texts. He usually writes to various websites, social networks, emails or anywhere else where he needs to write and mainly sell. You usually don’t need any formal copywritist education, so anyone can be a part of it! Few jobs require you to have a diploma in journalism. But you should have a relationship with your work – even at school, you’ve always enjoyed writing and your spelling has been excellent. You like to play with words and you like great work. After that, you just have to find someone who will pay you for your texts and articles.

Copywriting refers to the creation of (not only) marketing text for advertising. Copywriters are the people who write these texts. It consists of the English words “copy” (here it refers to advertising text or information for the press) and “writing”. Copywriters are often used not only by sellers of services or products to improve PR, but also by politicians within their marketing.

How to be a good copywriter

If you want to be a great lyricist, learn to cut. Once you’ve perfected your writing and started your thoughts, you need to be able to express yourself with as few words as possible. People don’t like to waste time and want to have everything on a golden plate. Try to take the article from today’s news and shorten it so that it still does not lose its meaning.

Write for a specific target group

“I write so well that I don’t even have to look at the people reading it. They all love my writing.” A good lyricist doesn’t think like that. All texts are read by people and each target group needs to communicate in a slightly different way. To better imagine your readers, create characters – fictional characters that you name and characterize according to different criteria. Then write as if you were having a natural conversation with them. Remember that each character must have characteristics typical of the target group they represent.

Earnings for a copywriter

As a copywriter, you can earn quite easily for your written original articles by publishing on various sales sites that are dedicated to the topic and sell texts directly on their site. You can find quite a lot of such portals on the Internet. The second way to earn money on the Internet by copywriting is to create your first website with the WordPress content management system and publish articles on your own blog. It’s a long and perhaps challenging process for some to get a decent amount of traffic, but it may pay off even more in the future.

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