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Why Bounce rate is important for your website


Bounce rate is a ranking resulting from the traffic of each website. It is given as a percentage and determines how many people immediately left your website and did not view further content, or just stayed at least for a while reading or observing the content. The higher the percentage of Bounce rate, i.e. people who immediately leave your website, the less success your website has. In this article, we will talk about what the Bounce rate is for, what the percentage tells us and how to use the Bounce rate to your advantage.

Low Bounce rate as an indicator of success

As we have already said. Bounce rate indicates the percentage of visitors who immediately left your website. It only means that your website was not beneficial to the visitor and left the website immediately. This is a very bad sign. A large percentage of Bounce rate will probably not bring us the large traffic that is so important for any website. A low Bounce rate, on the other hand, can help us increase our attendance. If the Bounce rate is low, search engines will think that your site is beneficial to visitors and will start to move them to better search places, and better search spots guarantee higher traffic, which you can then monetize with added advertising.

Visitor usefulness determines traffic

Make a website for visitors. Exactly so that the Bounce rate is as small as possible and the results will come. It is very important how visitors react to your website. This is exactly how the search engine reacts, because the search engine wants only the best and most valuable content for its visitors. You need to realize that too. It pays to make websites for people, not for search engines or for quantity, which does not guarantee your success. Everything a visitor does on the site is recorded and everything then determines the specific traffic. Search engines notice websites that users value. He has his tools for that.

How to measure Bounce rate

You can measure your bounce rate using Site Kit by Google or on the Google Analytics page. Just install the plugin on your WordPress content management system. Those who don't have a WordPress website can use Google Analytics. With the second variant, just insert a short HTML code on your website and everything is automatically recorded. The resulting number can then tell you how you really are.

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