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Why (not) use a bot for writing texts


It’s 2022 and I came across artificial intelligence on foreign websites that can write any text for your website, blog, social network, advertising campaign and so on. In 2023, this robot began to appear on the Czech Internet on a large scale. Will artificial intelligence replace copywriters? How good texts does the robot write? Is it worth leaving the work of a copywriter to a robot? What pitfalls does this robot have? Will search engines find out that the text was written by a robot and penalize such texts to search engines? Let’s talk about the new trend of recent years under the name of text robot.

Artificial intelligence that writes lyrics

A new tool has appeared here. A tool that supposedly facilitates the mental work of all text writers. Will a lot of creative copywriters lose their jobs because of it? I did a test and tried a couple of textwriting robots. Both foreign and Czech and found several imperfections. In order for the robot to write you an article, you must enter a keyword about which it should write text. The result is that it searches for content on the Internet and rephrases it so that the text is original. The disadvantage, however, is that he searches even among fictitious content and writes sentences that are basically not true. There is also a problem with translation. How many times the text does not give a head or a heel and is worthless. In addition, the robot cannot write in all cases in such a way that the text is attractive, beautiful to read and motivates to read a new article again. Editing text can therefore take as much time as writing text without a bot. As a result, the robot can inspire you to write an article. However, it will not make your work any easier if you want to have quality content that people keep coming back for.

What do search engines say

It is possible to distinguish whether the text is copied from the Internet. That is certainly clear to all of us. However, it is currently unrealistic to distinguish whether the text was written by a robot. There is no algorithm that recognizes this. This may seem like good news for those who want a text effortlessly and at a significantly lower price than from a copywriter. You can try the texts from the robots. Your site won’t be penalized, so it won’t affect your search rankings and organic traffic. However, it has one pitfall. If a large percentage of people are not interested in your texts, the search position will deteriorate. This is the so-called. Bounce rate. The more people leave your site immediately, the worse your website will do in search. It is taken as if your website is not interesting. Writing articles with artificial intelligence could rapidly deteriorate Bounce rate and thus affect traffic. Therefore, write the texts yourself. You will do the best and the competition will not beat you robots.

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