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WordPress file downloads only for registered users


Do you own a website that runs on the WordPress content management system? What about registered users? Are there enough of them? Thanks to emails, you get a contact for a visitor who resonates with your content. It is a visitor who is interested in your content and so why not ask for such important data as email. The more emails you accumulate, the more traffic you can get back. Thanks to sending mass emails, your visitor will no longer miss your important content. You can send him an email with a message and the URL of your website, or Facebook fan page and other social networks.

Collection of e-mail data for your benefit

Now let's talk about how to get emails from visitors. As the very name of the articles suggests, e-mail contact can also be obtained by force. If a visitor wants to download a file, they must first register on your site in order to download the file. In this way, you will achieve a large email database that you can use to your advantage, whether for example through advertising or anything else.

Easy to use

The plugin we'll talk about is very simple to use. Just download, install and apply the plugin. In the WordPress administration, a new field will be created under the name Downloads. In it, you simply upload a file and then offer it for download. After creating a file with this enhancement, you copy the Shortcode and paste it into any part of your WordPress site. You can go to the widget array or, for example, to each subpage or each article. You just need to copy and paste. Nothing more.

You can find the plugin for free download in any WordPress administration. Simply search for the plugin in the »Plugins« and »Plugin Installation« categories under the name Download Monitor.

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